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2016-2017 Baylor Football Scholarship Chart

It's time again, everyone, to take a look at Baylor's Scholarship Chart going into the 2016-2017 football season!

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

One of the things I like to do each spring (or winter, if I get to it early enough) is put together a scholarship chart for Baylor.  I like doing it for a number of reasons, most notably that it helps project that cycle's recruiting numbers and keeps track of scholarship allocations between positions.

Below is my latest attempt to try to nail down the scholarship situation for Baylor going into 2016-2017.  Like I do every year, I'm going to remind you that this is not a listing of the entire roster.  There are players on our roster that will be on our team next year that aren't on here.  It's because they're not on scholarship (that we know of).

Also, there's a few players whose absence will probably be noted for another reason: they're reportedly leaving.  It's not something I really like to talk about until after it happens, but where I see it reported by reputable people that I trust, I take it into consideration.

2016 Baylor Football Scholarship Chart

Total (83)
37 O / 45 D / 1 ST
Seniors (2016)
Juniors (2017)
Sophomores (2018)
Redshirt Freshmen (2019)
True Freshmen (2020)
QB (4) Seth Russell Chris Johnson Jarrett Stidham
Zach Smith
RB (6) Rashodrick Linwood
Devin Chafin
Johnny Jefferson Terence Williams J'Mycal Hasty Kameron Martin
IR (4) Lynx Hawthorne K.D. Cannon
Chris Platt

Devin Duvernay
WR (7)
Quan Jones Ishmael Zamora
Blake Lynch
Devontre Stricklin
Tren'Davian Dickson
Jared Atkinson
Denzel Mims
TE (2)
Jordan Feuerbacher
Sam Tecklenburg
OT (7)
Maurice Porter
Dominic Desouza
Ishmael Wilson
Tanner Thrift
Patrick Lawrence Riley Daniel J.P. Urquidez
G (4)
Rami Hammad
Branton Autry
Josh Pelzel
Patrick Hudson
C (3) Kyle Fuller Sean Muir Blake Blackmar

DT (8) Byron Bonds Jeremy Faulk
DeQuinton Osborne
Andrew Morris
Ira Lewis
Josh Malin
Tyrone Hunt Bravvion Roy
DE (7)
Brian Nance
KJ Smith
Greg Roberts
Xavier Jones
Jamie Jacobs

Brandon Bowen
Micheal Johnson
LB (7) Aiavion Edwards Raquaan Davis
Taylor Young

Lenoy Jones, Jr.
Jordan Williams
Clay Johnston
Deonte Williams
NB (3) Patrick Levels Travon Blanchard
Eric Ogor
S (9) Orion Stewart
Taion Sells
Alfred Pullom
Chance Waz
Davion Hall

Jameson Houston

Chris Miller
Kenan Ivy
Rajah Preciado
CB (11) Ryan Reid
Tion Wright

Jourdan Blake
Verkedric Vaughns
Jordan Tolbert
Tony Nicholson
Henry Black
Parrish Cobb
Grayland Arnold
Raleigh Texada
Donovan Duvernay
P (1)

Drew Galitz

K (0)

ST (0)

Schollie Situation 2016 -- 83 of 85 (as of now)

2017 -- 14

I've done the best I can with the information at hand to try to project all of the players who, barring unexpected change, are in line to receive football scholarships for the 2016-2017 season. Again, this is not a complete roster of the entire football team.

Since I've done this a few times now (I actually have a Google Spreadsheet for this just like I do the recruiting classes), it's getting easier to put these together.   I should note, as always, that this project involves a great deal of speculation, not only about the nature of each player (inclusion here means getting a scholarship, and we can't be sure at any point who has those), but their position and classification, as well.

As you can see from the number at the top left of the chart, I have us sitting at 83 in scholarships right now, 2 under the limit of 85.  That's after I've taken into consideration news from a couple of different sites about early departures from Kendall Ehrlich, Kaleb Moore, and Terrence Singleton, and a medical redshirt last year for Xavier Phillips.  If I am wrong on any of those, I sincerely apologize and will update as quickly as I can.

A few other notes:

  • As always, I'm assuming all of our freshmen redshirt until they don't.
  • 2 TEs is not ok.  I hate that.  Look for someone like Riley Daniel (assuming he's healthy) or Patrick Lawrence to move out as blocking backs from the scholarship guys if they don't compete for a starting spot, or for Baylor to try to pick up a graduate transfer.
  • I wish we'd taken another guard in the 2015 class, although Blake Blackmar will probably play this season as a guard.  Might even start there.
  • 20 scholarships to safeties and corners? I know Chris Miller might end up at NB, and someone like Donovan Duvernay could end up at IR, but that's a lot.  Don't complain about not bringing in enough DBs ever again.  That's a huge part of the 37/46 offensive/defensive distribution.
  • Chris Johnson is probably a WR/TE next season.  Probably.  But he's a QB for now.

Look out for updates in the coming weeks/months!  I'm sure there will be a few.