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Baylor Releases Date for 2016 Spring Scrimmage

Clear the decks for March 18 so you can join the rest of Baylor Nation at McLane Stadium!

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The first workouts of the new year started yesterday with a bang, and now Baylor is gearing up for the start of spring workouts in a little over a month.  From the @BUFootball Twitter feed:

Whatever you're doing on March 18, cancel it.  This is a wonderful opportunity to see the Stadium in all its glory and get a look at the next generation of the Baylor Football team.  If you can go, you should.

This is also a pretty good time to let everyone know that I created a new hub specifically for Baylor Football Offseason news.  It will be in the place of honor at the top of what we call the "river," which is that area just below the cover where things line up in reverse chronological order.  I'll be putting various things, both from ODB and elsewhere, in it over time that may be of interest to Baylor Football fans.  You should check it out.

But you should really get ready for March 18, 2016 at McLane Stadium for Seth Russell's return!