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2015 Pre-Season Fan-Post Recognition Awards

There really is no end or beginning to a season as each season is inextricably connected to all others before and after. Like TGCAB says, Baylor is a young brand. How we remember the 2015 season affects future seasons. This post is the beginning of a series of posts to help celebrate Baylor football's present news as presented by you, the fans, while we head into the future.

Hip hip hooray,  Hip hip hooray.  Pre-season is over and it’s time to recognize our pre-season contributing fans and say thank you for helping to make the wait for the start of this season more bearable. So, welcome to the 2015 Our Daily Bears Pre-Season FanPost Recognition Awards.  Award categories are as follows:  Most FanShots; Most Fanposts; Most Rec’d Author; Most Rec’d Fan Post; Fan Post With Most Comments; Fan Post With Most Polling Responses; The Triple Crown Award; The Flowered Toilet Fan Post Award; Ohio Baylor Fan’s Choice FanPost Award; and, The Amazeballs Pre-Season Fan Post Award.

Most Fan Shots Award

  • 1st:  With 71 FanShots Posted - Aqua (aka Mark Seymour)
  • 2nd:  Ohio Baylor Fan - 13 FanShots
  • 3rd:  pbpope - 5 FanShots

Most Fan Posts Award

  • 1st:  Ohio Baylor Fan - 9 Fan Posts
  • 2nd: Three way tie with four FanPosts each:  lord.hinton; odbgrader; and, RyanParkerTX
  • 3rd:  Five way tie with two FanPosts each:  σικεμβεαρς; jeremywhitten_; AlfredPennyworth; darthbear; and, XFerrari_61-58

Most Rec’d Author Award

  • 1st:  lord.hinton with 13 Rec’s/p>
  • 2nd:  RyanParkerTX with 10 Rec’s
  • 3rd:  darthbear with 7 Rec’s

Most Rec’d FanPost Award

Most Commented Fan Post Award

Award for FanPost with Poll Included that received the most responses

The Triple Crown Award goes to darthbear for posting 1st place winner in all three FanPost categories.

The Flowered Toilet Award is named after my grandmother’s outdoor patio conversation piece which was an old toilet converted into a large flower pot.  This award is given to the FanPost which generates the most conversation without receiving any Rec’s.  The Pre-Season Flowered Toilet Award goes to:  Reality Check:  Best D in CAB era but least talented QB in CAB era - by matt254.

Ohio Baylor Fan’s Choice FanPost Award goes to:  12 Reasons to Vote #Landes4Heisman This Fall - by KimboSmash.

Disqualified from the FanPost awards were FanPosts that could have been posted as FanShots.