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Baylor Favored in Every Game This Season ... Except TCU

As they do every year, the Golden Nugget released its lines for the 2015-2016 games of the year, and Baylor is well-represented.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Should you wish to peruse it, has the full list of games denoted by Golden Nugget as "Games of the Year," complete with point spreads which are, in some cases, a full five months from kickoff.  Here's Baylor's contributions:

Baylor (-17) vs WVU
Baylor (-12) at KSU
Baylor (-13) vs OU
Baylor (-10) at OSU
Baylor at TCU (-6)
Baylor (-18) vs. UT

The one most people will probably look at immediately is, of course, that game against TCU that Baylor will play the Friday after Thanksgiving.  We're 6-point underdogs according to Golden Nugget, who likes the Frogs' home-field advantage.  Speaking of the Frogs so that you may compare the spreads, their Big 12 games on the list are as follows:

TCU (-21) vs UT
TCU (-11) at KSU
TCU (-29) at ISU
TCU (-20) vs WVU
TCU (-11) at OSU
TCU (-5) at Oklahoma
TCU (-6) vs. Baylor

My first response to this was the observation that Golden Nugget appears to think TCU is about 3 points better than Baylor on a neutral field, but that quickly fell apart once I started comparing apples-to-apples.  Yes, TCU is favored over Baylor at TCU by 6, but we both go to Manhattan and we're actually favored by more? We're favored by 13 at home vs. OU, but TCU is only favored by 5 in Norman? That's why this is an art, not a science, I guess, and you can't really even compare apples-to-apples at all.

Anyway, give me your thoughts in the comments and we'll go on merry down the line.