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Baylor Looking to "Adjust" (Upgrade) Football Schedule Before 2020

Today's Interesting News comes courtesy of Baylor AD Ian McCaw, who told reporters that Baylor is in the process of upgrading our 2016-2020 non-conference football schedules.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Perhaps in recognition of the lessons supposedly* taught this year, Baylor AD Ian McCaw announced today that the school is attempting to upgrade its non-conference schedules for football in the much nearer term than we were previously led to believe.  Baylor has, in recent weeks, announced a 2022-23 game with Utah out of the Pac 12 while maintaining that any other changes would be limited to years far in the future.

*Unless you assume that a "stronger non-con schedule" this year would have included a win over, say, Auburn or Stanford, I don't think we got left out this past season because our schedule was weak.  We got left out because of the way Ohio State throttled Wisconsin in its 13th game.

That is apparently not the case at this point:

That last tweet is particularly important given the weight Briles' opinion has reportedly carried in scheduling talks.  If he's on board, that's a good sign for something actually getting done.  Without looking at specific schedules (something I haven't done myself but that I know others here have), I can't say what that might be.

Let the speculation begin!