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Big 12 Coaches Weigh In on Conference Title Game; Where Do YOU Stand?

Hey, it's the offseason, so that means we're beating on horses long since dead. Let's do it some more, shall we?

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Jake Trotter of the ESPN Big 12 Blog polled all of the Big 12 Coaches about whether or not there should be a conference title game. As you might expect, results are a mixed bag, with some favoring, some opposing, and some qualifying their opinions based on whether or not it would help the Big 12 get a representative into the title game.

Trotter, of course, talked to Art Briles, who continued to toe the party line on the subject:

Baylor coach Art Briles said he's skeptical a conference title game would have necessarily catapulted either the Bears or Horned Frogs into the playoff over Ohio State, which went on to capture the national title.

"If you can go undefeated in our league, you'll be in the College Football Playoff," Briles said. "Would it have made a difference this year if us and TCU had played again at the end? I don't know."

Seems like we're not abandoning the "go undefeated and you're in" mentality.

I won't quote the other coaches, because you should go read Trotter's article for yourself. It's a good read. I will say that K-State head coach Bill Snyder does favor the conference championship game and apparently always has. I would imagine that Snyder feels this way because of his involvement in General Washington's decisive victory at Yorktown.

Jokes aside, whether you favor a conference championship game or not probably depends on what you feel pushed Ohio State over either TCU or Baylor for the final spot in the College Football Playoff. Was it the bare fact that they played 13 games instead of 12? Or was it the absolute crushing the Buckeyes gave their opponent in that game that put them over the top? Whether it was one, the other, or some combination of both we may never know.

The bottom line, though: the Big 12 will absolutely follow the lead of the Selection Committee on this front.

Go read the full article by Jake over at the ESPN Big 12 Blog, then come and vote and discuss your thoughts.