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Baylor Spring 2015: Scrimmage #1 Recap, Tweets, Stats

Baylor's QBs led the way in today's RB scrimmage, the first of 2015's spring practices.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

First thing first, the full stats and recap from today's scrimmage are available on for your perusal.  The scrimmage today was supposed to be at McLane Stadium, but the weather pushed things inside.Just a few stats of interest:

QB Seth Russell -- 16/25 for 120 yards and 1 TD passing, 7 carries for 73 yards and a TD rushing
QB Jarrett Stidham -- 9/15 for 98 yards passing, 11 carries for 39 yards and a TD rushing

There's something deceptive about Stidham's rushing stats, since one of his carries went for 44 yards and a TD (see the tweet below).  Does that mean he had 10 carries for -5 yards otherwise?  Are they counting sacks?  It's hard to say, but the fact that those two QBs supposedly had 18 carries between them is something to remember.

RB Terence Williams -- 14 carries for 81 yards and a TD
RB Johnny Jefferson -- 5 carries for 56 yards.
RB Shock Linwood -- 4 carries for 31 yards.

I'm going to assume that Jefferson and Linwood went with the 1s and Williams, the 2s.

WR Jay Lee -- 4 catches for 73 yards and a TD (thrown by Russell)
WR Kaleb Moore -- 3 catches for 47 yards.

A host of other guys caught 1 or 2 passes, and Corey Coleman caught 5 for just 14 yards.  I'm actually excited about the fact that our #2 defense (I'm assuming it was 1O vs. 2D and vice versa) was able to limit him to <3 yards per reception.

DE Xavier Jones -- 4 tackles, 2 sacks (probably with the 2s?)
DT Andrew Morris -- 5 tackles, 2 sacks (same?)
LB Kendall Ehrlich -- 8 tackles, 4 for loss (2s or 3s?)

I wouldn't read too much into defensive stats (or most rushing stats, to be honest), especially with regard to QBs.  They whistle things dead so quickly in these scrimmages, it's almost impossible to know what really happened unless you were there watching it or they allowed the play to go through to the end (like with Russell and Stidham's TD runs).


Callahan actually hit three during the scrimmage from 47, 39, and 45.