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Baylor Football Pro Day Open Thread

Baylor's draft hopefuls (and probably a few non-Baylor folks, as well) will take to the practice field for workouts today in front of a host of NFL scouts.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

As always, Baylor is doing a grand production for today's Pro Day starting in about thirty minutes.  They should have interviews with players, videos of the various workouts, and more over on

The big star of today's festivities will obviously be QB Bryce Petty, who will throw, run, and do all kinds of other things (jump, perhaps?) in front of NFL scouts on his home turf (inside the indoor practice facility, I mean).  WR Antwan Goodley will also be a big draw, I imagine, as will LB Bryce Hager.

Feel free to post updates in the comments of this thread once things get going.  We don't have THAT many seniors this year and didn't lose any of our underclassmen, so things might be a little subdued.  Even still, having one of the top 3-4 QBs is still worthy of note, so you should see a good crowd.