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Baylor Kicks Off 2015 Spring Practice Tomorrow

Art Briles' team returns to the practice field tomorrow for the official start of Spring Practice with a significant number of returning starters and several new faces.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

So Baylor managed to catch me somewhat off-guard again this year with the start of Spring Practice, which is actually tomorrow.  According to the official page over on, practices start tomorrow, February 24, and will end on Thursday, April 2.  In the middle of that time, Baylor will conduct its first-ever "Friday Night Lights" spring game at McLane Stadium on Friday, March 20.  To get a gauge for how many ODBers might go to that, I've put a poll in this post.

For this year's spring practices, I plan on doing all the same things I've done in the past in looking at the biggest questions for each side, analyzing the roster if/when we get it (this one still has Bryce Petty on it, for example), and continuing to update the Way-Too-Early Depth Charts with new information as it becomes available.

As always, if there is anything you'd like to see from anyone here at ODB over the coming days/weeks, please let me know.  Or, even better, if you want to write something yourself in a fanpost, please feel free to do so.  Put enough into it and I'll promote your work to the front page for all to see.  No suggestions are bad except BNT's.