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DC Phil Bennett Gives Excellent Interview to 1660 ESPN Central Texas

Phil Bennett talked to 1660 ESPN Central Texas's You Make the Call on Wednesday. You don't want to miss this interview.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

On Wednesday afternoon, Baylor Bears Defensive Coordinator Phil Bennett spoke with David Smoak and the gents of You Make The Call, 1660 ESPN Central Texas's afternoon radio show. If you have the means, click this link and listen to the interview in its entirety from 1660 ESPN's audio vault. It's well worth your time. In lieu of embedding the audio here or giving you a full recap, Craig Smoak essentially live tweeted the event to great effect. Check out his tweets below, then let's talk about your impressions in the comments.

On the Secondary...

This one is particularly fascinating to me, because I can see what he's saying. When you look at the early portions of the season, things seemed much stronger than towards the end. Perhaps the secondary was more banged up than we initially realized.

Really a very candid response from Bennett here. He's owning up to the mistakes he's made, which is somewhat of a refreshing change from the standard coachspeak.

Freaky T!!!

On the Cotton Bowl...

On the Defensive Line...

Other Stuff...


Finally, I think Craig sums it all up pretty nicely for all of us: