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Baylor Football Offseason 2015

On Pre-season Polls And Their Predictive Powers

Or lack thereof.

Baylor, Boise St, and Sam Ukwuachu: A Timeline

Trying to make sense of what has happened between Baylor and Boise St and between Briles and Petersen.

ODB Rewind: Surviving the Sand Aggies

Surviving the Sand Aggies

ODB Rewind: Blackout the 'Boys

Blacking-out the Cowboys

The Preseason ... as told by Seinfeld GIFs


ODB Rewind: Petty Was Ready For OU

Petty was ready for OU

Baylor QB Seth Russell Highlights

You've seen all of his plays, now just watch the very best ones on this, the day that Baylor Football reports back for the coming year.

Tuesday Evening Poll: Meet the Bears on Saturday?

Baylor Football will host its traditional Meet the Bears event this coming Saturday, August 8, 2015. Are you going?

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CBSSports: Baylor, LaQuan McGowan Represent the "Future of College Football"

Talking about Baylor's innovation and how we might use the Biggest Man on Any Campus.

Baylor Hype Video -- 34 Days by Elizabeth Sherman

Check it out, Baylor Nation.

ODB Rewind: Just Ready for OU

Just ready for OU

Baylor Ranked #4 in 2015 Preseason Coaches Poll

If the season ended today and the Coaches Poll decided inclusion in the CFB Playoff, Baylor would be facing down a matchup with #1 Ohio State.

Watch Art Briles on ESPN's "Highly Questionable"

He's got a way with words, he does.

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Baylor Head Coach Art Briles throws in with Drake on the Meek Mill feud

This is a thing that happened.

PODCAST: Carter Lacy and the Media Days Adventure!

Carter Lacy, AKA darthbear, pulled off what might be considered the steal of the century in obtaining Big 12 media credentials for last week's Media Days. He joins Peter to talk about it on the podcast!

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From Ian Boyd: TCU's Baylor Problem

The Gary Patterson Frog defense of the last several years has really only been able to handle the Baylor offense by generating turnovers that prevent the Baylor offense from having enough possessio...
Ian Boyd tries to dispel some of...
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Baylor puts 5 Players in FoxSports' Top 15 for the Big 12

Including 3 of the top 5. Read the article, for sure, but go ahead and try to guess the five before you do.

Oh, look. We just got flagged again for P.I.

The Meltdown in Morgantown

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DCTF Magazine to release Special Edition Baylor and TCU Previews

Those two schools, and only those two schools.

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Baylor DE Shawn Oakman wants to buy an octopus

I'll mark that off on my list of "sentences I never thought I'd write."

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AUDIO: Art Briles on the Paul Finebaum Show

If you'll excuse me, I must now purge myself for having linked to something from the SEC.

Big 12 Media Days Report from darthbear!

Our very own darthbear somehow got media credentials for the Big 12 Media Days, and he's here to share his experiences with us!

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Art Briles on ESPN Radio with Mike & Mike

This is from today, Wednesday, July 22. Briles talks about Oakman and Petty in the NFL, what makes his system work in college, and a bunch of other stuff.

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VIDEO-- Big 12 Media Days, Art Briles Press Conference

Just in case you missed it yesterday.

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Art Briles rapping to Started From The Bottom exists.

Yes, this exists, and it's soooooooo good.

Big 12 Media Days Open Thread

Day 2 of Big 12 Media Days is upon us, and the Bears are set to take center stage. Let's talk all about it!

ODB Rewind: TCU


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Baylor Picked Second in Preseason Big 12 Media Poll

Out of 42 first-place votes, Baylor took 10. The rest went to TCU.

Baylor Puts 7 on Preseason All-Big 12 Teams

The 2015 Preseason All-Big 12 Teams are officially out, and Baylor leads the pack with 7 honorees.

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SportsOnEarth's Position Group Rankings Love Baylor

#1 WRs, #5 OL, #3 DL ... that's not bad at all.

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Meet the Coach: A Q&A with Kendal Briles

Yeah, you read that right. I ain't fooling. After months and months of hard work (mostly waiting on him to have the time) I finally have completed my Q&A with Baylor's Offensive Coordinator Briles the Younger. Here it goes.

"Right Now" - 2015/2016 Baylor Football Hype Video

Right now guys. Right now.