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Baylor vs. WVU Highlights (and injury news)

Straight from the computers of the Baylor Athletic Department to your eyes, it's the highlights from our shootout loss to West Virginia.

Also, a little bit of injury news from yesterday's game:

-- CB Demetri Goodson will almost certainly miss the rest of the season due to breaking both of the bones in his lower left (I think it was his left) arm. The possibility of a medical redshirt exists since it will be the second year in a row ended significantly early by injury.
-- TE Jerod Monk is out for at least a little while from a torn pectoralis muscle. Torn pecs are categorized by grades of severity, and we don't know yet how his grades. If it is a grade 1, he could be back by TCU on October 13. A grade two would be several weeks, at least. A grade 3 requires surgery and several months rehabilitation.
-- NB Ahmad Dixon missed the second half yesterday with concussion-like symptoms. He'll be back for TCU.
-- RB Jarred Salubi hurt his shoulder but came back to the game and should be fine.
-- S Mike Hicks didn't play yesterday, but the decision was apparently close. I expect in two weeks' time he'll be back in the secondary.

I don't think anyone realized at the time what kind of impact losing Dixon for the game had yesterday, particularly in the third quarter period where WVU built their lead. Dixon is easily our best defender and the only non-CB I reasonably trust to cover a player like Tavon Austin off the line. I'm not saying the eventual outcome would have been different had Dixon played the entire game, but the defense probably would have performed better, even if just in spurts.