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Baylor Bears vs. WVU Mountaineers 2012

Charting Baylor at West Virginia

How does one describe such an insane football game? With graphs and charts, of course!

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F/+ Picks, Week 5

Picks for Week 5 of the 2012 college football season.

Terrance Williams vs. WVU

Some incredible human put together a highlight reel of Baylor WR Terrance Williams from the West Virginia game alone. Check it out.

Week 5 Grades vs. WVU

Each area of the team gets their grades this week from the ODB football gang. Just a warning, it's not pretty on defense.

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Grantland on Baylor-WVU

No, he doesn't give proper respect to the Baylor offense in all this, but to the winner goes the spoils.

Animated Drive Chart vs. WVU

One of the most hilarious, and awful, drive charts you're ever going to see. Baylor vs WVU will go down in the annals as possibly the worst defensive game in history.

Baylor vs. WVU Highlights (and injury news)

Highlights from Baylor's loss yesterday as well as everything I know as I know it of our injury situation.

Thoughts on Baylor's Loss to WVU

The good, the bad, and the ugly from Baylor's 70-63 loss today versus the Mountaineers of West Virginia. Baylor's defense definitely qualifies as the bad and the ugly, but Baylor's offense was remarkably good and nearly won the game by itself.

WVU 70, Baylor 63; Defense Entirely Optional

The Alamo Bowl 2.0 hit Morgantown, West Virginia today, but Baylor came out behind this time because of a total lack of anything resembling defense.

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Baylor vs. WVU Game Stream

Join us as the Bears kick off the 2012 Big XII season in style in Morgantown on national TV!

Baylor vs. WVU Game Thread

Join us as the Bears kick off the 2012 Big XII season in style in Morgantown on national TV!

Video: Baylor vs. WVU Preview

Bears vs. Mountaineers video preview courtesy of

Baylor vs. WVU Prediction Thread

Come on, come all and let your opinion be known. It's prediction time for Baylor vs. WVU, now just 23 hours away!

Game Tape Lessons from ULM

As Baylor prepares to play it's first conference game this year against WVU, what can we learn from the formations it used (and those used against it) the previous week by UL-Monroe?

How the Bears can slow down the Mountaineers

After dissecting West Virginia's pass plays against Maryland, I've come up with a scheme that could be able to make Geno Smith uncomfortable.

Baylor vs. WVU Preview Part II: The Defense

Yesterday we had WVU's high-powered offense against our defense. Today we turn the tables with the Baylor O vs. the WVU D.

Video: Geno Smith vs. Maryland

A collection of every passing play and/or scramble run involving Geno Smith against Maryland this past Saturday. With thoughts!

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Different States of Recruiting - Baylor vs. WVU

I like that there is a pin on England for Baylor's side.

Depth Charts vs. WVU

Not many changes on this week's depth chart for West Virginia, but enough to get me musing. Of course, that doesn't take much to begin with...

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Baylor vs. WVU is Davey O'Brien Marquee Matchup

Pretty nice recognition, I'd say.

Baylor vs. WVU Preview Part I: The Offense

A look at the high-powered offense of West Virginia and what Baylor has to do to contain them.

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Holgo accuses Baylor of cheating

Go to 8:15 in the video to see what I'm talking about. Listen, Holgs, if you're going to go ahead and say that, you might as well bring evidence. Or else say nothing.

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Baylor stands second in the Big 12 in scoring offense (51.3 points) despite being dead last, by a...

Baylor stands second in the Big 12 in scoring offense (51.3 points) despite being dead last, by a sizable margin, in time of possession at 24:31 per game. Cross-reference those two stats and you fi...
WVU prepares for Baylor's "ridic...

WVU's Fab 5: Mountaineers You Need to Know

Baylor faces off against one of the very best offenses in the land this Saturday, and if it wants to have a chance, it will need to stop these five guys.

Baylor Game Day: WVU Mountaineers

First look at West Virginia with TV info, directions, and a visitor's guide.

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Baylor vs. West Virginia

The schedule of this week's content as of this moment. Check back for updates and, of course, other content not related strictly to West Virginia.