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ODB Rewind: Neutering the Terriers

Welcome to the first week of our look back on the 2013 football season. Each week we will re-watch, in order, our Bears earn their first ever Big XII Championship. Relive the moments that brought you unbridled joy, hair pulling frustration, and (occasionally) inconsolable defeat. Let us know in the comments where you were, how you enjoyed the game, your favorite memories, and other thoughts.

We started the season with the Wofford Terriers, a FCS team that was scheduled last minute due to the Southern Methodists dropping their game with us. Although a lower-tiered program, Wofford had had a series of successful seasons (8+ wins in each of the previous three) and was no stranger to playing good FBS teams: South Carolina in 2012, Clemson in 2011 and Wisconsin in 2009. Wofford was a team that had the potential to make a fool of Baylor to start the season.

After losing starting QB Nick Florence and our best receiver from 2012, Terrence Williams, some questioned if Bryce Petty and Tevin Reese were ready to continue the string of top ten Baylor offenses in 2013. It took less than 13 minutes of game clock for Baylor to take a 28-0 lead that ended in a 69-3 victory that hinted something special was in store for Baylor in 2013.

Complete box score from

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