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Top 5 GIF-able Plays against Wofford

Every week I'm going to try and bring you the top 5 plays from the previous week in GIFs.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

While the ODB staff has moved past last week for the most part, I know that you wouldn't mind having a few GIFs in your arsenal to share some highlights with friends, family and rivals that loop endlessly.

So in addition to the .GIF reaction posts following the games - how about a few GIFs from the game itself each week?

I'll post my top 5 each week, and then have you all recommend a play in the comments. Whichever play gets the most mentions below, will get GIF-ified for you by the next day.

So here we go:

5. Russell to Coleman

4. Shock splits the middle

3. Dat interception doe

2. Tevin Reese chases it down

1.Ahmad plants a tree

Let me know which play you'd like GIF'd and I'll make it happen.