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VIDEO: Wofford's Final Fall Scrimmage, Talking About QBs

The boys at TerrierVision are back, this time with even more footage from the final intrasquad scrimmage for the Wofford Terriers. I can't say for sure, but I think they may have a QB -- #18 JR James Lawson.

First and foremost, Wofford's head coach, Mike Ayers, admitted that his team is working hard on throwing the football, probably because they ran it almost 9 times more often last season than they threw it. But he also recognized where they butter their bread: on the ground. Still, in this, and the other videos I've posted previously, it's clear that they know they probably can't beat us throwing the ball 8 times for the entire game.

Beyond saying things like his team is "do[ing] the best we can as far as servicing each other," Ayers also did his best to convince whoever was watching this video that Wofford may actually play 3 QBs on Saturday. The three QBs -- JR James Lawson, SO Michael Weirner, and FR Evan Jacks -- each apparently does something different. I have yet to find much credible evidence about what those things are, but Lawson and Weirner both played last season in the typical Wofford way, barely throwing any passes at all. Their physical characteristics are fairly distinct, with Lawson the smaller of the two returners at 6-2 (against Weirner's 6-5) and Jacks the smallest overall at a Florence-esque 6-0.

Now we get to the point in this post where we leave what I know and get to what I think. Another way to say it is that from here on, it's all speculation.

My speculation is that Jacks isn't a real option at QB for large periods in the game. He's a true freshman, barely throws the ball in the video, and, from the numbers, isn't playing with the first offensive line. They may use him as a change-of-pace player, as he appears to be fairly quick and may run the option well, but I don't think he'll be the primary QB in any sense. That honor will go instead to Lawson, the junior, the first QB you see in the video while mostly running the true triple option. Unless Wofford is trying to trick us, possible but unlikely, we can probably assume that is their QB running their offense. The third QB, #15 Weirner, appears about :50 into the video running behind the second offensive line and throwing to second team receivers and tight ends.