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Wofford Video Previews from S11 on BearsTruth

With permission from the gentlemen at, Baylor's 247Sports site, here are the outstanding video previews for this week's game vs. Wofford.

Jeremy Brevard-US PRESSWIRE
Over on, author/contributor/guru S11 has spent much of the last two months preparing for this week's opponent, Wofford, with a three-part video series dedicated to the Terriers.  The first, posted on July 9, looked at Wofford generally and how this game came to be, with SMU bailing on us basically at the last minute.

Part II, from the beginning of August, gave a more detailed look specifically at Wofford's offense.  The triple option offense isn't one with which most fans under the age of 50 are familiar.

The final preview, posted today, does the same with the defense, breaking down Wofford as few can.

I want to reiterate that neither I nor anyone here at ODB had anything to do with the creation of these videos.  They are posted here with permission from BearsTruth.  While these are available on Youtube for free, not everything S11 does is or will be in the future.  So, if you want to guarantee yourself access to this kind of information moving forward, I suggest you take advantage of 247Sports' offer for free coverage through this entire season.*

*Full Disclosure -- I have not received anything of monetary or other value from BearsTruth or 247Sports in return for posting these videos.  I brought them here because they are that good.