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Baylor Bears vs. Wofford Terriers 2013

ODB Rewind: Neutering the Terriers

Welcome to the first week of our look back on the 2013 football season. Each week we will re-watch, in order, our Bears earn their first ever Big XII Championship. Relive the moments that brought you unbridled joy, hair pulling frustration, and (occasionally) inconsolable defeat. Let us know in the comments where you were, how you enjoyed the game, your favorite memories, and other thoughts.

Wofford vs. Furman 2012 Highlights/Video

I'm going to be honest with you guys: if Wofford lines up in the same defensive formation as at :34 seconds into this video, with the NT on the inside shoulder of the guard and A and B gaps open on the right side, they're screwed. Hard.

Top 5 GIF-able Plays against Wofford

Bringing you the best Baylor plays, in GIFs

Baylor Intro Video vs. Wofford

Had a few people ask me about this over the last couple of days, and thankfully enough, it's finally here. Kudos to the boys (and girls) at BaylorSESP.

Grade Reports: Baylor vs. Wofford

The staff at ODB shares their grade reports from this week's game, a 69-3 shellacking of the Wofford Terriers. When you win by 66 points, good grades are sure to follow.

The View From Inside The Case

We've got impressions from both inside and out of the last first game of Floyd Casey Stadium from three that were our eyes and ears on the ground.

9.2.2013 DBR: Thoughts on Baylor vs Wofford

My plan most weeks is to get the Thoughts threads up either Saturday night or Sunday, but because of a few family outings yesterday, I didn't get that done. So I'll do it here, instead!

Baylor Destroys Wofford, Art Briles Drops the Mic

Baylor Nation's reactions to the game Saturday night.

Baylor vs. Wofford: The Morning After

We're now 12 hours out from Baylor's impressive opener against the Wofford Terriers, and we have plenty to talk about from news, notes, links, and more.

Baylor vs. Wofford Highlights

Despite what you might think, this video isn't 20 minutes long full of everything from the game. It's still awesome, though.

Baylor obliterates Wofford 69-3 to open 2013

The largest, most-impressive Baylor Line in history witnessed (probably, I haven't checked) the largest win in an opener in Baylor history tonight. The game was never really in doubt from Baylor's first TD, as our offense was as hot as the mercury.

Baylor Bears vs. Wofford Terriers Game Thread

Still not totally sure how I'm going to do this on a game-by-game basis, but for today, we'll keep it all in one thread unless things get out of hand. The Baylor Bears are T-60 minutes from playing actual football!! Sic 'em, Bears!d


Finally, game day has arrived once again! Tonight, the Baylor Bears will take on the Wofford Terriers in our first game of the season at Floyd Casey Stadium. But that's tonight. We have a lot to do before then.

Baylor vs. Wofford Previewdio

Straight from the web geniuses at Baylor SESP, it's the first Preview Video of 2013 for your Baylor Bears.

Featured Fanshot

Unbelievable Traditions Rally crowd at FCS

Huge props to the students for showing out tonight. THAT is how you build programs off the field.

Featured Fanshot

BearsIllustrated Wofford Q&A with Todd Shanesy

This is the guy I wanted to get in touch with. I couldn't make it happen. But it's a free article, so check it out.

Featured Fanshot

Wofford Preview from

Wofford TV listings, radio, and watch parties

We had a question come in to the podcast last night about availability of this game for people outside of the FSSW footprint, and I think we may have the answer.

First Look: Baylor Bears vs. Wofford Terriers

This Saturday, a mere 4 days away, the Baylor Bears begin their season with the Wofford Terriers of FCS at FCS. Featuring a relatively unique offense, the Terriers are primed for a huge upset.

VIDEO: Wofford's Final Fall Scrimmage, QBs

The boys at TerrierVision are back, this time with even more footage from the final intrasquad scrimmage for the Wofford Terriers. I can't say for sure, but I think they may have a QB -- #18 JR James Lawson.

VIDEO: Paul Johnson explains the Triple Option

Something else that I thought might be interesting given the general unfamiliarity with the Triple Option offense outside of NCAA video games and the old Nebraska Cornhuskers.

Featured Fanshot

Stopping the Triple Option

Thought this might be a good read in preparation for what we'll probably see against Wofford.

Meet the Press: Baylor vs. Wofford

Every Monday during the football season, Baylor coach Art Briles and a few selected players will participate in a press conference about that week's game and the team as a whole. The first such presser was today, a prelude to Saturday vs. Wofford.

VIDEO: Wofford's Second Fall Scrimmage

The technological wizards at TerrierVision are back with highlights and coverage of Wofford's second preseason scrimmage! Looks like they're still trying to figure out who the QB will be.

VIDEO: Wofford's First Fall Scrimmage

Yes, there is such a thing on Youtube as "TerrierVision." Mark Hauser is no joke, you guys. And neither are the Wofford Terriers, our first opponent in the 2013 season.