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Baylor Bears vs. West Virginia Mountaineers 2013

Full Baylor vs. West Virginia Game

Because Youtube is a wonderful place, you can watch the entire Baylor game from this past weekend. I know I will!

Inside View: All of the Superlatives!

Our regular band of misfits was inside The Case and is here to share their thoughts with you.

ODB Grade Report: Baylor vs. West Virginia

It's Art Briles' world, college football fans. You're just living in it.

Top Ten Scoring Plays vs. West Virginia

How crazy is it that we can make a Top Ten of scoring plays from one game?

Thoughts on Baylor's Mastery of All Things Bling

Last night, after hearing for weeks about how they hadn't played anybody to date and couldn't possibly keep up the frenetic scoring when facing a "real defense," Baylor set new program records for points, yards, bling, and everything that is good.

Baylor Incinerates West Virginia, in GIFs!

Setting all kinds of records last night.

Another Record-Breaking Saturday: WVU 42, BU 73

When will Baylor stop scheduling cupcakes?

Game Thread #2: WVU@BU

West Virginia @ Baylor + A Curmudgeon Apology

Baylor vs. WVU Game Thread

Smells like football, ladies and gents. Smells like victory. Sic 'em, Bears!

GAME DAY vs. West Virginia / Week 6 OPEN THREAD


Baylor vs. WVU TV Listings / Radio / Watch Parties

If you or someone you know is organizing or attending a watch party somewhere for Baylor vs. West Virginia tomorrow, post it in this thread so people can find out where to go if they can't go!

MattisBear should not have a Twitter.

Matt has a slight Twitter addiction and also really likes to talk trash.

Baylor vs. WVU Preview/Prediction/Poll

The offense is getting love all over, Bryce Petty is on my TV, and we're two days out from another game for Baylor Football. Smell that? Smells like victory coming our way.

Bryce Petty and the Baylor Offense on ESPNU

Pretty awesome exposure for the program, and I couldn't be happier to see Bryce Petty getting the attention he deserves.

Baylor vs. WVU Statistical Comparison

A closer look at what's advanced CFB metrics say about this week's matchup betwen the Baylor Bears and the West Virginia Mountaineers.

First Look: West Virginia Mountaineers

Game Day information, TV listings, tickets, links, previews, and everything else for Baylor vs. West Virginia, this coming Saturday at Floyd Casey Stadium.

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WVU vs. Baylor: #BringtheBling

These commercials are getting out of control, Baylor! Out of control and I think I just peed myself.

Featured Fanshot

Chrome Gold and Black for WVU? Looks like it.

Ohhhhh yeahhhhh....

Baylor vs. WVU Commercial

If you're not ready for this game after watching this video, despite the fact that it is only 30 seconds long, I can't help you. I really can't help you.