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Baylor Bears vs. ULM Warhawks 2013

Domination at The Case

Once again we had boots on the ground for Saturday's game against UL-Monroe. Check out the scene in and around the Case.

Baylor Makes Honor Roll - Grade Report vs. ULM

High grades across the board for a dominating win against a visiting ULM squad.

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ULM Funk

In Todd Berry's third year in charge, ULM leaped to eight wins, an upset of Arkansas, and its first ever bowl appearance. With an incredibly experienced squad returning, what might the Warhawks have for an encore?

Baylor Bears vs. ULM Warhawks 2012

If You Like Gifs, Get In Here!

It's a gifiesta of the Baylor-ULM game!

Baylor vs. ULM: The Morning After

The Bears put up 70 more points and 781 more yards. This isn't going to get old anytime soon. What were some of the reactions to another dominating performance?

Why Not Baylor? Reaction to Baylor's 3-0 Start

At this point, what more can you say about Baylor football's start to the 2013 season ... than wow?

Another Day, Another Dominating Win: BU 70, ULM 7

After racking up an amazing 70 points and 730+ yards in the first three quarters, the Bears shut it down for the fourth, finishing another dominating performance.

Halftime: Baylor 49, ULM 7 in Waco

Bryce Petty and the offense scored 35, and the defense added 14 of their own in a dominating first half for the Baylor Bears.

Baylor vs. ULM Game Thread

It's game time!

GAME DAY VS. ULM Links, Notes, TV Viewing Guide

It's a beautiful day across Texas for all those traveling to Waco today to see the Baylor Bears play the ULM Warhawks.

Trouble at Defensive Tackle leading into ULM?

Unconfirmed rumors are swirling that Baylor's situation at defensive tackle, already weakened by the preseason loss of starter Javonte Magee to ... whatever, has deteriorated further because of injuries.

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You need to watch ULM-Baylor

Art Briles and Todd Berry are gonna blow some stuff up down in Texas this Saturday, and they'd appreciate you showing up to watch all that stuff get blown up.

OurDailyPodcast Episode 6 straight to the head!

How excited are YOU about King Prince Chambermaid? Are you ready to hear how the students feel? Come find out as Kate Morrison fills us in. Plus ULM talk!

Baylor vs. ULM Prediction Thread/Poll

Guess what day it is! Guess what day it is. It's Prediction Day! Yes, the time has come for you to go on record with your predictions for Baylor vs. ULM, this Saturday at The Case.

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Baylor vs. ULM Preview from BearsTruth's S11

Free through the end of football season. READ IT.

Baylor vs. ULM Preview: 7 Warhawks To Know

You probably know who one of these players will be, since his name is in the URL, but who else on ULM's team should you know about going into Saturday's game?

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Weather Forecast for 9/21 in Waco, Texas

That's pretty amazing football weather.

ULM Uniform Hype Video

You might recognize a few aspects of this video, which has a lot of posing and, I assume, shouting at the camera.

Baylor vs. ULM Statistical Preview

Baylor is playing an actual game of football just 4 days from now. You should probably get ready for it, and to help, I come bearing stats!

Get Ready for a Lot More Petty

Judging from Briles' responses in yesterday's Meet the Press about the production so far of junior QB Bryce Petty, I'd expect to see him given more chances this coming week, almost regardless of the outcome.

Baylor vs. ULM Commercial: Come to The Case

Baylor has already announced that only 1500 tickets remain unsold for Saturday's game against the ULM Warhawks. They are obviously trying to SELL THOSE TICKETS.

First Look: Baylor Bears vs. ULM Warhawks

After a week of twiddling their thumbs during which I imagine the offense scored 70 more points on someone, the Baylor Bears are back in action this weekend at The Case.

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ULM Press Conference at 1 PM

Baylor vs. ULM Preview Part: The 3-3-5

A look at the defense ULM will use to try and stop the Bears on Friday night and how the Bears can counteract it. The 3-3-5 is a tricky mistress, and Baylor hasn't faced one in a long, long time.