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VIDEO: Baylor vs. Texas Tech Highlights

Before you head to bed on this fine Sunday evening, check out the highlights from Baylor's sixth win of the season over the Texas Tech Red Raiders.

Just a few thoughts from the highlights:

  • The run that takes place about 1:50 into the video by Glasco Martin might be one of the most impressive of his career. He's always been a bruiser, but he's recently shown more athleticism than ever before. Call it the Lache Seastrunk Effect, maybe, or give him the credit all his own. It's what has started distinguishing him from last year's star RB Terrance Ganaway.
  • If Tevin Reese blocks someone on the Seastrunk run instead of just whiffing and barely impeding the defender at all, Lache probably scores there. In terms of sheer speed, catching up and getting out in front of the play was impressive in its own right, Reese just needs to actually do something positive once he got there.
  • I need to go back and watch out Levi Norwood got so wide open to end the first half. Coming off the forced fumble and recovery in our own red zone, getting points there was absolutely critical. Getting 7 was even better, and Tech didn't have a single defender within 10 yards of Norwood when he caught the ball. It was like watching one of Levi's dad's old defenses.
  • Either Terrance Williams (Terrence Williams) or Antwan Goodley ran the wrong route on the next play in the video because they're not supposed to end up bunched together on the sideline like that. It didn't matter, obviously, since Williams made the great catch. I'd still love to know which one of them was in the wrong. My guess is actually Williams, and that he was more breaking off a route than running the wrong one from the start.
  • I said it at the time, but Lanear Sampson's touchdown catch over the top of the Tech defender's head was the best of his career, in my opinion. He's been overshadowed by more heralded receivers basically since he got here with Kendall Wright at first and then Terrance Williams this year, but I'll miss Lanear. He's an excellent downfield blocker, a critical attribute in our system, and I think he'll get a shot in the NFL. I hope he does, anyway.
  • I like the angle we have on Eddie Lackey's first interception because it shows you exactly what he was doing throughout the play. Linebackers are taught to follow the QB's eyes, and we had him set up in a position where he was going to go wherever Seth Doege went. The play was actually made by good downfield coverage on the outside and a decent pass rush (despite the fact that we only sent three rushers yet again), and Doege tried to make something out of nothing. He didn't because of an absolutely terrible throw. It was third and 3, so some desperately is understandable, but he should have eaten the ball or thrown it away if nothing was there. Still, it was a fine play by Lackey to know his responsibility and stick with it.
  • The second Lackey interception was something I don't know if I've ever seen before. Aside from the fact that the throw bounced off the lineman's head, even if that person hadn't existed at all, I don't think it would have been completed. The running back was moving slightly but not at full speed and probably would have had to lay out to even have a chance at the ball. That was another really strange throw by Doege.
  • You could probably call a penalty on Joe Williams for pass interference on the last play of the game. Probably.