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Baylor vs. Texas Tech Set for 11 AM Kickoff on FS1

That makes 4 morning kicks this season. I get it, OU. I do.

Oklahoma v Baylor Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

After not having an 11 AM home game in 3 years (credit to Fank), Baylor officially will end this season with FOUR—West Virginia, Texas, Oklahoma, and now Texas Tech. That’s right, the home closer this season on November 27, 2021 will be another 11 AM kickoff. Start hydrating now.

There’s a part of me that gets this and even likes it for this particular day, since we will know the outcome of our game before Bedlam that night and, assuming we take care of business against KSU and Tech, will have reason to care. It makes sense for FOX to want to put the other potential marquee team, Baylor, in its 11 AM slot before that night game. But Lord do I hate these 11 AM kicks. No matter what OU says, they aren’t the reason they’re leaving the conference, but I honestly get why they hate them so much and want to play as few as possible.