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Baylor vs. Texas Tech Game Thread: The BU-TT Bowl Cometh

Hey now, it’s a game thread, get your game on, go ... watch?

Oklahoma State v Baylor Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

KK is lost somewhere in the Pyrenees (I assume?) so I’ve been drafted to do something I should have been doing the entire time: write a game thread. A tremendous imposition, to be sure. And I’m about to leave with the entire #SeymourClan for the game, so this is going to be short and sweet.

We are playing a football game today and trying to get bowl eligible. As of this writing, we are either a 5 or 4.5-point underdog at what is essentially a neutral site. Make of that what you will.

Here’s a few things people have tweeted about the game so far:

Oh yeah, let’s go get that bowl game.