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Wednesday Practice/Injury Updates: Baylor vs. Texas Tech

Per usual, ESPN1660's Craig Smoak (and others) brought the heat on Twitter today with updates you need to see.

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Before I get to Smoak, something came up today that needs to be addressed briefly:

Without any context, this quote could be slightly troubling, if you took it negatively to mean we're trying to run up the score. But context is everything. Here's the full quote courtesy of

"Nothing is ever good enough in our offense," Russell said. "If we get a 30-point win, you know, people are upset and want a 40-point win or 50-point win. That’s something that’s great with our offense. We’re always trying to be better.

"If we put 70 points on somebody, 80 points, 90 points ... I think our goal is to put at least 100 points on somebody. Which would be pretty nice. But we have to set realistic goals."

Russell is clearly talking about the program's expectations for itself, not an actual intent to score 100 points.  They've scored 70 points (and did so last week), so now they want to do better.  That's all he meant.

Now to the updates:

Shehan leading things off today with an important update about Davion Hall that I didn't see anywhere else.  More about Chafin below:

I haven't seen any updates since that practice, nor do I expect to.  But if Briles is concerned that Chafin may not be ready to play Saturday, I think we can take that to the bank.  He rarely, if ever, messes around on player injuries.

Not knowing anything about this situation other than what has been said here and elsewhere, I'd guess Chafin doesn't play.  Apparently, he was quite sore after practice yesterday, and that soreness put his status in question.  It seems likely that they will rest him this week to get him back to full speed and not risk further injury, giving the available carries to the three-headed monster of Shock Linwood, Johnny Jefferson, and Terence Williams.

The right course of action, I think.  The last thing we heard about Mahomes that I know of is that he practiced yesterday and is listed as day-to-day.  If he practiced without incident, I'm betting he plays and Texas Tech is just being coy about it to keep Baylor guessing (which is exactly what I'd do in their position).

Surgery early in the week, playing a Big 12 game later ... sounds totally fine, right? (Maybe if you're Byron Bonds and, apparently, superhuman).

This, to me, says that Waz has the spot now and Burt will be his backup the rest of the way, barring injury or ineffectiveness. You can tell me in the comments if you read it a different way!