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Watching the Polls: Baylor up to #5 in Coaches, Stays #5 in AP

The latest round of polls is out, with Baylor checking in at #5 in the Coaches and AP Polls.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Mississippi State falls in the Egg Bowl to Ole Miss, opening the door for Baylor to move up in the last round of in-season polls. We've got the latest from the coaches poll, and will update the table once the AP poll comes out early this afternoon. As always, this table comes from the Mothership, and you can check out their full post right here. Quick reminder: they include the Massey ratings for reasons unknown.

Baylor lands at #5 in this week's Coaches Poll, with Mississippi State dropping to #10. The Bears remain behind TCU, who is #4, and ahead of Ohio State who moves up to the 6 spot in the ranking. Alabama, Oregon, and Florida State are 1, 2, and 3, respectively. Check out the full poll below.

Coaches Massey composite
1 Alabama Alabama
2 Florida State Oregon
3 Oregon TCU
4 TCU Mississippi State
5 Baylor Baylor
6 Ohio State Georgia
7 Michigan State Ohio State
8 Arizona Ole Miss
9 Kansas State Florida State
10 Mississippi State Auburn
11 Wisconsin Michigan State
12 Georgia Tech Kansas State
13 Missouri UCLA
14 Ole Miss Wisconsin
15 Georgia Oklahoma
16 Oklahoma Missouri
17 UCLA Georgia Tech
18 Arizona State Arizona
19 Clemson LSU
20 Louisville Arizona State
21 Auburn Arkansas
22 Boise State Clemson
23 Nebraska Louisville
25 Minnesota Nebraska

Once the AP poll drops around 1 p.m. CST, we'll update the poll and have more thoughts for you.

UPDATE: TCU jumped us in the latest AP Poll, as we should have expected.  We led them by just 1 point from last week, and their win over Texas was certainly more impressive than ours over Tech.  Updated poll coming soon.