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Baylor vs. Texas Tech -- THE MORNING AFTER -- Highlights, Injury News, Links, Notes, Tweets

After going up 25 in the third quarter and losing our star QB to a concussion the rest of the way, Baylor found a way to win yesterday against the upset-minded Texas Tech Red Raiders.

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(10-1, 7-1) 5/6/7
7 21 17 3 48
0 17 10 19 46

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Arlington, Texas • Attendance: 54,179

(4-8, 2-7) NR/NR/NR

Injury News:

I'm skipping right past the normal mention of "Players of the Game" in favor of much more important news about our injured players.

QB Bryce Petty -- Suffered a mild concussion on a penalized hit by Sam Eguavoen in the third quarter and did not return to the game.  Said afterward that coming out was merely precautionary and he had only a very mild headache.  His loss was deeply felt by the team, whose lead crested at 25 immediately after his departure before falling all the way to just 2, but he says there's no way he's not playing the final game against Kansas State.

RB Devin Chafin -- Suffered a dislocated elbow early in the game and did not return.  His timetable is now 3-4 weeks, or about the time that he'd need to be back to prepare for a bowl or the CFB Playoff.  Considering how well he was playing of late, this one hurts.

WR K.D. Cannon -- Twisted his ankle on the pass by Seth Russell to the endzone but came back in and played the rest of the way.  I assume he will be fine going forward.

TE Trevon Armstead -- Left the game early with concussion-like symptoms and did not return.  We've yet to hear anything more about his status.

I will update with more as it becomes available.

Quick Thoughts:

Three highly-ranked teams played games yesterday against desperate opponents with nothing to lose.  Two, Baylor and Mississippi State, either lost or very nearly did against those teams.  Baylor withstood a late run to hold off Tech, while MSU couldn't handle Ole Miss in the second half and fell.  The third, Alabama, had to come back from a double-digit deficit at halftime to overpower Auburn the rest of the way.

Briles' quote that everybody found so hilarious was talking about this situation, where you as a favorite have to deal with someone coming at you that wants nothing more than to screw up your season and will do whatever it takes to get there.  That's what we had in Texas Tech.  They pulled out all the stops-- a fake punt, two onside kicks-- and had no qualms, even after the early turnovers, about challenging us down the field again and again.  After all, what's the worst that can happen when you're a 26-point underdog, you lose big?  Tech played loose and confident, especially on offense, while Baylor, perhaps not entirely ready for that kind of opponent, didn't, especially on defense.

All that doesn't negate or hide the fact that our defense got worked last night against a team that, while good on offense, wasn't that good.  Tech finished the game with just over 600 passing yards, vintage Mike Leachian numbers, out of just over 700 total.  Once down by 25, they were able to storm back through huge play after huge play against our secondary to get down just 5 before Chris Callahan extended it to 8.  Then they scored again on a long touchdown and Baylor pulled out its best defensive play of the game to ice the win on the 2 point conversion.  If you were looking for game control or style points, this one didn't have either.  But as I said last night, it would be patently absurd if Baylor was not penalized for winning ugly where others around us have either made a habit of it (FSU) or done so against even worse teams in recent weeks (TCU).

For Baylor to get where we want to go now, we're going to have to beat KSU convincingly at home this weekend.  Getting Petty back, assuming he's cleared in the 3-4 day concussion protocols, will be a big part of that.  Another will be making our guys watch the film of this game on repeat for a few days to show that this is what happens-- a team nearly comes back from 25 down on you halfway through the third quarter-- when you don't do the things you need to do.  You're not invincible or untouchable; nobody is.

Hat's off to Pat Mahomes for playing so well with a broken wrist, albeit on his non-throwing hand, and hitting throw after throw.  Not all of those big plays were the rest of terrible play from our secondary, though quite a few were.  On several occasion, Mahomes bought time for himself with his legs, extended the play for someone to get open in single coverage, and then made a fantastic throw to get the ball where it needed to be.

Mark Seymour's Rankings

Besides our game yesterday, quite a few things happened this week/end that may impact how this season plays out for the Baylor Bears.  First, three teams either above us or right below lost: #4 Mississippi State, #8 UCLA, and #9 Georgia.  That means not only should we move up, if only one spot right now, but we also won't get jumped from below by any two-loss potential conference champs.  The Final 6 is now firmly set.

Also, and this part is regrettable to mention, one of the teams in that Final 6 suffered a huge loss when J.T. Barrett broke his ankle for Ohio State.  This will spawn a ton of discussion about how the Committee should consider late injuries and what they should do, and I don't have a good answer for you in the long term.  Beyond that, it makes tOSU eminently more beatable by Wisconsin in the short term (probably), which could clear a path to the #4 spot without worrying about much more.

Seymour's Top 4:

1. Oregon Ducks
2. Alabama Crimson Tide
3. Baylor Bears
4. TCU Horned Frogs

5. Florida State Seminoles
6. Ohio State Buckeyes

The same as last week in the top 4 with FSU rising to #5 basically by default (since MSU fell and I'm assuming tOSU should, as well).  This is not what the Committee will do.

The Committee's Top 4 (I'm guessing):

1. Oregon / Alabama
2. Alabama / Oregon
3. Florida State
4. TCU

5. Ohio State
6. Baylor

I'm going to guess that we'll see a very formulaic shift upward for everyone in this week's 5-7 pending the Committee's look at tOSU this weekend against Wisconsin.  If tOSU wins that game convincingly, you could still see them jump to #4.  If they don't, it becomes a TCU/Baylor battle where we'll have to fight recency bias -- TCU looked SO GOOD against Texas, you guys, while Baylor struggled to put away Tech :( -- and scheduling talk to pass the team we've obviously already beaten.  I remain confident we will ultimately do that, particularly if we are impressive in a nationally-televised prime time game against KSU at home on Saturday night, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't slightly less so.

Let me say this again-- it was 42-17 immediately after Bryce Petty left the game.  If he stays in, who knows what happens.  TCU struggled to beat Kansas and had to come back with their entire complement of players (that started the game) for the entire game.  Oh, and have we forgotten so quickly Baylor's demolition of Oklahoma in Norman less than a month ago?  TCU beat that same OU team at home by 4.


Honestly, there's not a lot out there this morning.

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Ubbs and I disagree about how likely the Committee is to push tOSU down this week.

That's about it.