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Baylor opens as 27-point favorite over Texas Tech in Arlington

Those mathematically geniuses in Vegas have met once again and determined that our Baylor Bears should be basically a 4 TD favorite over Texas Tech this coming week in our neutral site game.

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Spo

I don't have much to say about this other than to steal a line from Wescott Eberts: It is what it is. Texas Tech, once the #10 team in the land, has now lost 3 games in a row. Two of them weren't competitive. Baylor is still undefeated after another dominant victory over the #10-ranked Oklahoma Sooners and are now the #4 team in the country. The Red Raiders' troubles have them unranked.

This line still feels big to me, but I can't say exactly why. I have every confidence in the ability of our defense to limit their offense, and I know we'll score points on a defense that was never as good as suspected. Still, 27 is a lot of points. We've talked about that before-- it's just a huge spread.

Give me your thoughts in the comments on how you see this game playing out with 6 games to go and vote in the poll. Also, if you're interested in other lines for other games in Week 12, refer to the SB Nation page compiling them over the course of the day. Oklahoma State being just a 2 point favorite over Texas (at Texas) is a bit surprising to me. I think OSU rolls that game.