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Baylor Releases First Depth Chart of 2023 for Texas State

5 days away from the start of the 2023 season, we finally have a new depth chart to talk about!

Texas Tech v Baylor Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

Not wanting to be accused of moving too quickly in this regard, Baylor held off for all of fall camp in updating their depth charts from the spring. The way has now ended, as the game notes from for Saturday’s game against Texas State include the long-awaited, much anticipated charts. Here’s a screenshot to save you a click (although you should click anyway and get some sweet, sweet game notes).

There’s not a ton of intrigue here at the major spots. On offense Blake Shapen is QB1, as we all knew by this point, throwing to Ketron Jackson, Monaray Baldwin (locked in an OR with Jonah Burton, which is a little surprising), Josh Cameron, and Hal Presley. Drake Dabney is your TE1. Both Barrington Brothers are starting on the OL, Campbell at LT and Clark at C. Reese and Dom Richardson (Ok State transfer, if you don’t recognize the name) are co-starters at RB, consistent with what Aranda said today in the presser about how he views them.

On defense, with Jerrell Boykins banged up for at least the next two weeks (per Aranda today), Cooper Lanz and Treven Ma’ae are listed as the starters at the nose. TJ Franklin and Gabe Hall, returning starts from last year, are back at the ends. Mike Smith and Matt Jones are your starting Will and Mike linebackers, respectively. Kyler Jordan over Garmon Randolph at the JACK is interesting, given that Randolph finished the season in that spot last year and is, to my knowledge, healthy. I like Bryson Jackson at the STAR, but we’ll need to see it happen to know if it will work.

NOTE: I am reminded that the Randolph situation may have something to do with off-the-field issues that saw him suspended and reinstated.

That’s a lot of youth in that secondary, led by Lemear, who started every game last season.

Let us know what you think the comments about this Depth Chart. I understand there may be a more in-depth perspective on it coming down the pike later today here on ODB!