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Baylor Releases Depth Chart for Texas State; Injury Updates from Aranda Presser

Do we have news? Yes! Is it good? No.

Albany v Baylor Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

Last week going into the BYU game, we talked about how the “updated” depth chart was so similar to the prior week against Albany that it was basically not an update at all. Well, Baylor decided that was so much fun, that it would do it again except this time, it is identical. From Baylor’s game notes this week (page 39):

If you can find any changes from last week’s depth chart, you’re better at this than I am. But once again, that probably doesn’t mean much, and here are a few examples why:

  • RB Taye McWilliams—Aranda called him “questionable” during today’s press conference after what appeared to be a concussion early in the BYU game on a hit that, if it occurred somewhere else on the field, probably would have been targeting. He did not return to the game (and it was not targeting because it occurred between the tackles).
  • WR Monaray Baldwin—Also referred to as “questionable” today after leaving the BYU game in the second quarter. Aranda talked about his role in the vertical passing and fly-sweep game today, two things we didn’t get to see much of against BYU.
  • WR Jordan Nabors—Also “questionable” for Texas State after getting banged up against BYU. NOTE: the tweet calls him a safety, but he’s listed and has played as a wide receiver so far.
  • LB Dillon Doyle—Not injured, but won’t play for the first half against Texas State after the targeting call last week (per the latest information we have). It is theoretically possible that the targeting aspect gets overturned before Saturday, but unlikely. He will sit for the first half with Brown taking his spot.

So we won’t have everyone available for Saturday, in all likelihood, despite the depth chart appearing that we might. We will keep on top of this as things develop the rest of the week.