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#20 Baylor Bears vs. Unranked Texas Longhorns Set for 11 AM on ABC

NCAA Football: Brigham Young at Baylor Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

It’s really too bad that one of the Big 12’s premier programs this season, Baylor, is being relegated to the 11 AM game on ABC based on the perceived weakness of our opponent next week, the unranked Texas Longhorns. If only the Longhorns had not blown big leads in each of their last two games after having lost earlier in the season to now-unranked Arkansas, this game might have more appeal for a later kickoff or even a primetime matchup, but alas.

11 AM isn’t my favorite time for a game, but it isn’t the worst time, either, regardless what the Sooners tell you. We don’t have good long-range forecasts for 10/30 yet to get a view of what the weather might be like that day, but the averages in Waco are typically around 78 as the high during the day, so it should be pretty nice.

Start making plans now to welcome the unranked Texas Longhorns to Waco on 10/30!