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Meet the Press: Baylor vs. Texas

Did you know that TEXAS WEEK is here again? Well, it is. And Art Briles' weekly press conference will start in 30 minutes.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

It's the start of a new week, and that means another Meet the Press.  The opponent this time? The Texas Longhorns.  You can hit the link below to watch the press conference in its entirety:

Rather than link every @BUFootball tweet in the comments, I'll just embed their entire profile again:

Also, a couple of other things that have happened today...

We are still Baylor, the Big 12 Champions and #6 team in the country.  And you're still Texas, a team that was outgained by Kansas, stomped by BYU, and that lost to UCLA's backup QB.  Good call, John.  I needed some perspective today.

From one of the UT blogs:

From Strong:

That's good stuff.

This is not: