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Baylor Announces Gold-White-Gold Uniform for Saturday against Texas

The masses clamoring for the Chrometrooper are going to have to wait, as the Bears have chosen a more traditional look for Saturday's 2:30 tilt with the Longhorns.

Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

The news everyone has been waiting for this week came down a few minutes ago, and I think a few Baylor fans are going to be a little disappointed by the result: we're not wearing our Chrometrooper combo (that's a chrome helmet with white jersey and white pants) for tomorrow's game against UT.  Instead, we're going with a much more traditional look featuring the standard gold helmet, white jersey, and gold pants.  Thanks to Kirobaito's exhaustive look at Baylor's uniform choices in the past, I was able to find the above picture of the last time we wore this specific combination in last year's win in Manhattan over Kansas State.

I've attached a poll to this post to see how people feel about the uniform combination.  All are welcome to vote, should they choose.  I realize it's not the one most people wanted (and we've yet to see), but at least it's not the white helmets , right?