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Baylor Bears vs. Texas Longhorns 2014

Baylor Smashes Texas ... in GIFs

Bring me the GIFs, all of them. Every last one.

Podcast: Spencer Roth Singlehandedly Beats UT!

Baylor went to Austin Saturday and emerged from a challenging contest with a solid victory. We're taking a closer look on the podcast at it and the crazy college football weekend we all just experienced.

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Texas in 2014? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

From defensive toughness to offensive identity to quarterback health, Charlie Strong's first Texas team has plenty of questions to answer. And depending on the answers, a middle-heavy schedule could be conducive to a gaudy record in either direction.

Results - Baylor @ Texas - Predict the Score

Congrats to Banjo Bear, this week's winner

Our Daily Roadtrip: Austin, TX

A weird game in a weird city.

Baylor vs. Texas -- The Morning After

The Bears are now 5-0 after a sluggish, yet dominant win over Texas in Austin.

Baylor vs. Texas Video Highlights

The highlights you've been waiting for from Baylor's 28-7 win over Texas in Austin.

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Spencer Roth's fake punt in gif form

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Flaming Bear Boat Gif Post-Texas

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Baylor Beats Texas Gif from Nick Pants

Huge Baylor Second Half Overwhelms Texas 28-7

After leading just 7-0 at the break, Baylor wore down and eventually overwhelmed Texas in the second half, rushing for nearly 200 yards after halftime.

Halftime: Baylor 7, Texas 0 in Austin

Baylor finished the first half with all three timeouts and having given up a 98-yard drive saved only by a turnover. The offense has sucked, the defense is starting to tire, and everything is decidedly not awesome.

Baylor vs. Texas Game Thread

The Texas Longhorns stand between your Baylor Bears and a 5-0 record.

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Baylor vs. Texas Preview Gif from Nick Pants

Baylor @ Texas- Predict the Score- Pregame Results

Baylor's still Baylor. Texas is still Texas. So... yep, OBD predicts a comfortable Baylor win.

Baylor vs. Texas -- GAME DAY


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11 NFL teams attending Baylor vs. Texas tomorrow

That's compared to 2 for Mississippi State vs. A&M.

Baylor vs. Texas Preview/Prediction Thread

The Bears go down to Austin as a two-TD favorite and with ill intent. Will they make 5-0 at the expense of Charlie Strong's Texas Longhorns?

Baylor to wear gold-white-gold vs. Texas Saturday

The masses clamoring for the Chrometrooper are going to have to wait, as the Bears have chosen a more traditional look for Saturday's 2:30 tilt with the Longhorns.

Hot Reads and Cold Veers on the Podcast!

The combination of two separate recordings in to one enormous podcast is upon us. Come check it out.

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SVP & Russillo talk Baylor-Texas: the rivalry and where things are

This is their podcast, which is made from segments in the show. The Baylor-Texas portion starts about 18:00 in, and there's another part of the show where they talk to Brian Griese and then Terrance Williams.

Baylor vs. Texas -- ROLL CALL

How many ODBers are making the trek down to Austin to see our Bears play on Saturday afternoon?

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Bigger upset watch: Oklahoma or Baylor?

Big 12 favorites Oklahoma and Baylor hit the road to face TCU and Texas, respectively, on Saturday. Can either TCU's or Texas' offenses do enough damage to make an upset bid?

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The Texas Pregamer: Baylor

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One of our Aggie friends rewrote the "Rains of Castamere" for Baylor vs. Texas

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ABC Coverage Map Baylor vs. Texas

Baylor vs. Texas Advanced Stats Preview

What FEI and S&P+ say about this Saturday's game between the Baylor Bears and the Texas Longhorns.

Baylor vs. Texas Hype Video: "We Run This State"

It's not Ted's, but it's still pretty good.

First Look: Texas Longhorns

The 4-0 Baylor Bears travel to Austin on Saturday for a 2:30 matchup with the Texas Longhorns on ABC. If we wanted a time to shine, we've got it.

Baylor @ Texas - Predict the Score

The ghosts of Ann Richards and Bob Bullock will be at DKR (as always) on Saturday. Will we need them?

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UT's John Harris: "They're Still Baylor ... We're Still Texas."