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Halftime: University of Texas 3, Baylor 3; Time for Ahmad and the Last Half at Floyd-Casey

That could have gone better. It comes down to one half.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The weather has slowed down the offenses today as both Baylor and UT have struggled to adapt. The defenses have had their way in a game where neither team has maintained momentum. At one point, both teams were 1 for 8 on 3rd down.

For Baylor, the bright spots have been in the secondary, which has combined with the weather to essential render the UT passing game moot. We've also had a Roll. Damn. Tree. siting as Shawn Oakman got a TreePaw on UT's first FG attempt, denying them the points.

Unfortunately, holding a team to 38 yards (!!) passing yards doesn't mean as much if you allow120 yards rushing in one half. The bright spot for Texas has undoubtedly been Malcolm Brown and the UT rushing attack, which is averaging 5.5 yards a carry and allowing UT to keep the Baylor offense off the field. Let's hope the Return of Ahmad Dixon helps put a stop to that.

Here are some other stats for your perusal:

1st Downs 9 13
3rd down efficiency
1-9 1-8
4th down efficiency
0-1 0-1
Total Yards 158 232
Passing 38 170
7-19 13-24
Yards per pass
2.0 7.1
Rushing 120 62
Rushing Attempts
22 19
Yards per rush
5.5 3.3
Penalties 2-12 4-25
Turnovers 1 0
Fumbles lost
0 0
Interceptions thrown
1 0
Possession 16:51 13:09

So here we are, ladies and gentlemen. One half for glory, one half for history. One half to show the country that this our time and that New Baylor means Championships and BCS bowls.




via Nick Pants