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Baylor vs. UT Roll Call and ODB Week in Review

I'm seeing a lot of concern on twitter right now about whether the weather will dampen attendance tomorrow for the FINAL GAME IN FLOYD CASEY STADIUM HISTORY. So let's settle this right now.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Also, if you haven't been paying much attention this week, ODB's contributors have put out an amazing amount of content for tomorrow's football game and the hoops matchup tonight in Jerryworld against Kentucky, as well as wrapping up last week's game against TCU.

Starting with basketball, Ted gave you both a Baylor vs. UK Preview for the game tonight and a post breaking down UK's recent loss to Michigan State. Read them now if you haven't already. It's going to be a dogfight, but I think we can win.

For football, this is obviously the most important week of the season considering what is at stake for the team (a share of the Big 12 Championship) and the fact that the Official ODB Tailgate will finally occur! I have been updating the Baylor vs. UT Game Hub all week with things like the latest Hype Video from Baylor Athletics, just as I told you I would. Everything relevant to tomorrow's game has and will continue to go in there as we find/write it, including the First Look, the Stats Preview, the Preview/Prediction Thread from yesterday, and the latest episode of OurDailyPodcast. Earlier in the week, I did my customary Big 12 Stats Post with the latest from FootballOutsiders and put up a new Recruiting Thread for the month of December, while the Hammer threw down the latest installment of his very popular Trench Warfare series looking at our OL's performance against TCU. There's so much here that I have trouble keeping the layout organized the way I want it.

All of that is in addition to Daily Bears Reports covering everything in Baylor news every single day that you can access at any time in their own DBR Hub (linked above).

So make sure you hit all of that before tonight/tomorrow (depending on what it is) and thank you once again to all of the contributors who make this place work on a daily basis. It's because of you that in the month of November, ODB rose to #14 in the ranks of the college blogs on the SB Nation network.

P.S. Let me know if we need another option for the poll.