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Baylor Bears vs. Texas Longhorns 2013

Your Big 12 Champion Recap Podcast is finally here

Amy Pagitt joins Mark, Prashanth and Peter once more to break down the Texas game, and OH YEAH CELEBRATE THE BIG 12 CHAMPIONSHIP.

Baylor Retires Texas, Wins Big 12, in GIFs!

Do you see what I did there?

Baylor vs. Texas: The Morning After

Sitting here now, in the comfort of my warm home, it's still almost impossible to fathom: the Baylor Bears are your 2013 Big 12 Champions. We have seen the mountaintop. We have arrived.

Thoughts on 11-1, Big 12 Champs, & the Case Closed

There is so much going on in my head in the aftermath of today's victory that I have to just get it on the page/screen. Your Baylor Bears the 2013 Big 12 Champions.

Baylor vs. Texas Highlights

The Baylor Bears closed out the Case tonight with a win over the Texas Longhorns that also secured the program's first ever Big 12 Championship.

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Does Texas complete the rebuild in 2013?

The Longhorns have slowly rebuilt themselves since the 2010 collapse, and with a ridiculously experienced two-deep and reasonably good health, they could play at an elite level in 2013.


Fiesta Fiesta!

Halftime + 2nd Half Thread: UT 3, BU 3

Time for Ahmad and the Last Half at Floyd-Casey

Baylor vs. Texas Game Thread

The time has finally come. Let's send Floyd Casey Stadium out in style and win ourselves a share of the Big 12 Championship. Sic 'em.

Baylor vs. Texas GAME DAY / Bedlam Open Thread

About to head out on the road to Waco, so this can function as both the Game Day informational thread and the Open Thread for Bedlam, which kicks off at 11:00 on ABC.

Baylor vs. UT Roll Call and the Week in Review

I'm seeing a lot of concern on twitter right now about whether the weather will dampen attendance tomorrow for the FINAL GAME IN FLOYD CASEY STADIUM HISTORY. So let's settle this right now.

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Derp on Ice

How will the Baylor Bears' defense employ the Case rules?

A SLEUTH of Bears on the Podcast!

Prashanth, Mark, and Peter podcast the Texas preview, plus predictions for the championship games and some very special audio.

Baylor vs. Texas Preview / Prediction / Poll

Bears vs Longhorns for (potentially) all the Tostitos and definitely a share of the Big 12 Championship. Predict away!

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This is not your average Bear defense

The decision to keep defensive coordinator Phil Bennett has paid off for the Baylor Bears, as there's now a top-20 defense in Waco.

"Home Field" -- Official Hype Video for BU-UT

Oh, they've outdone themselves this time. Having Art Briles be able to provide the voiceover for your Hype Video is surely a plus.

Baylor vs. Texas Stats Preview

The Bears look to close the case in style against those dastardly Longhorns from down I-35. We're 14-point favorites as of this writing, but should we be?

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Baylor & Modern Football Wisdom

The modern vocabulary of football needs a re-haul. Because it's describing a game that no longer exists.

The Official ODB Meetup

We're celebrating the last game at Floyd Casey with an ODB get together!

First Look: Texas Longhorns

Baylor takes to the field for the final time at Floyd Casey Stadium looking to cap off an 11-1, Big 12 Championship season. Hex Tex!

Featured Fanshot

Amazing Floyd Casey images from the Texas Collection

The old girl will see her last Baylor game this coming Saturday.

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How Texas can stop the Baylor run game

Texas is going to have to play this one aggressively to have a chance

Case Closed - New Hype Video

The time has come for not just one more game in Floyd Casey stadium, but one more hype video to get you excited.

Monday Afternoon News and Notes

We don't often do a second DBR in a given day, but when we do, it's because there's a ton of things going on.

Baylor releases images of throwback unis for UT

Jeff Barlow, the Baylor Equipment maestro, finally put the intrigue to rest about what the Bears will wear this weekend in the final game in Floyd Casey Stadium history.

Baylor Opens as 13.5/14-point favorite over Texas

Coming off a close win over TCU in Fort Worth last night, the Bears have opened in the early lines as a double-digit favorite over the Texas Longhorns for this Saturday's game in Waco.

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Texas LB Edmond out for season

The Texas Longhorns with be without their leading tackler Steve Edmond for the rest of the 2013 season.