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Monday Morning Notes: TCU Week Schedule

We're back in action this week after yet another early-season bye. Here's what ODB has on the docket.

Cooper Neill - Getty Images

Can you feel it, Baylor fans? It's Game Week once again, and this time we're taking on a familiar foe in the Horned Frogs of TCU. For various reasons ranging from recruiting to the season in general, this is the biggest game yet on Baylor's 2012 schedule. We need to win this one almost more than any other, I think. There's also an added element this week of Moonlight Madness on Friday night, so we'll address that, too.

  • Today, Monday, we'll kick things off with the BlogPoll ballot for this week and the first look at TCU by reviewing their season to date. They've played 5 games now, so we've got a good sample now from which we can judge. Theirs is a story on offense of instability through injuries and stupid mistakes. If our own depth charts come out by this time, I'll make sure to note that, too.
  • Tuesday, I'll post the Game Day for TCU. Like every other Big XII school, TCU has a SB Nation site that I highly recommend you check out called Frogs O' War. Just like I did with WVU, I plan to highlight the Frogs playmakers on this day to prepare for the previews coming down the pipe Wednesday and Thursday. We should also find out something about Pachall on Tuesday if the rumors are true.
  • Wednesday, I'll post the first half of the TCU preview, which will again be broken into two parts because I liked how that works better. There's also quite a bit of video of TCU this season and I may use some of it to look at their defense specifically.
  • Thursday will obviously house the second half of the preview, though I haven't decided yet which half will go on which day (offense or defense, I mean). Also, we'll probably have more information from the national side to help us break down Saturday's game. If I can arrange a Q&A for the game, it will probably go here.
  • Friday, we'll have the final prediction thread with everything else I can find about the coming game. I will also post an in-depth preview of Moonlight Madness, which EVERYONE SHOULD ATTEND IF YOU HAVE THE CHANCE. I MEAN IT.
Anything else you want to see, just let me know. I mean that, too.