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No word on Casey Pachall today...

According to a spokesman for TCU, we won't find out Casey Pachall's future with the TCU football program today.

Kevin Jairaj-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Gary Patterson's statement that we would know something about the Casey Pachall situation was apparently incorrect, as a TCU spokesman announced about two hours ago that any decision about his future would not come today.

I've gone on record predicting that Pachall plays this week against Baylor, even if he has to sit out a quarter or, at most, a half to do so. Others say there's no chance that happens with Pachall's record at the school already being a sore subject. At this point, nobody credible as indicated either way. I've been most surprised to see the reaction from several TCU fans with whom I have regular contact. They seem to be fed up with Pachall's troubles and the cost they've brought to the program in terms of publicity and uncertainty, and several actually believe he should be sidelined the rest of the season if not removed from the team altogether. Very interesting. Of course, like I said last night, it's entirely possible that TCU will eventually declare him ineligible and just doesn't want to do it yet to force us to prepare for two QBs. That course may bring its own perils in terms of further bad publicity; if people think TCU might actually let a player with a recent felony arrest (I know he has not yet been convicted, obviously), that reflects poorly on the school and the athletic department.

I'm trying to decide if the lack of word today from the administrative offices is a good or bad thing for us. Seems like the longer this situation drags on without Pachall being removed completely, the less likely that removal becomes.