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Nick Florence turns the ball over 4 times in loss to TCU.

Rather than write a grade report tonight for Nick Florence, here's a video of his four interceptions. I don't know why I'm posting this, either.

The really crazy part about these picks is that none of them came as the result of pressure in Florence's face. That's typically what you would expect to do the job. Instead, Florence simply made 3 really poor decisions on where to throw the ball (the first interception actually wasn't one at all) and either gifted a ball to the defender or telegraphed his pass. It's incredibly frustrating because you know how much better he is than this.

Was it because we were behind? Is it another result of the running game struggling? Was it just an off night? Was TCU doing something in coverage that he hadn't seen before? Tracing causation in situations like this where so many things contribute is tricky at best, difficult at worst, but that's what Briles and Montgomery have to do. With the way our defense plays normally, we can't afford to give away possession like we did against TCU. That's how a poor game turns into a blowout.