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Halftime in Waco: Baylor Dominated 38-14 by TCU

There have been programs and fanbases that have had worse days than the Bears so far today, but I can’t think of any.

I have no idea where this season will end up, but if today was any indication, it probably won’t be pretty. We’ve got fans selling/buying #CAB shirts in the parking lot, boosters draping a #CAB banner from a suite, coaches synchronizing tweets the night before the game, apparent infighting involving star players, and a team that went up 7-0 before giving up 31 straight points in a home game. If you wondered how the team would react to losing their first game of the season last week against Texas, the answer is decidedly "not well." We look like a team that worried a lot more about which jersey to wear and what statement that would make than getting prepared to play a rivalry game. Kenny Hill, benched last week against Texas Tech, looks like an All-American.  We have more penalty yards than rushing yards.

As I’m writing this, Baylor scored to make it 31-14 and then gave up a long TD drive to fall back down 24. TCU gets the ball after the half up (barring repeated 2-point conversions) 4 scores.

Here’s the box score:

1st Downs 19 11
3rd down efficiency 6-11 5-12
4th down efficiency 2-2 2-2
Total Yards 381 253
Passing 202 183
Comp-Att 14-25 13-25
Yards per pass 8.1 7.3
Interceptions thrown 0 1
Rushing 179 70
Rushing Attempts 28 25
Yards per rush 6.4 2.8
Penalties 4-30 6-71
Turnovers 0 1
Fumbles lost 0 0
Interceptions thrown 0 0
Possession 14:40 12:51