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ODB’s Official Guide to What You Should Wear for the TCU Game

Find yourself wondering what you should wear on Saturday? We’re here to help.

Green. You should wear green. In fact, Baylor put together the below graphic based on section so you can look to see where you’re sitting. Spoiler alert: everyone is wearing green! (Except the Line, of course, but you’re probably not a member of the Line.)

That’s it. It’s not difficult. If you find yourself thinking “Well, what if I wore [some other color that isn’t green at all]?” that’s where you stop and remember “Oh right, green. I should wear green.”

Here’s a helpful decision tree we here at ODB have put together to solve some of these issues. Just follow along below:

Input 1: Are you wearing green?

If Yes: Great! Your job here is done.

If No: Put on some green!

Input 2: But I don’t want to wear green, I want to wear [something that is decidedly not green].

See Input 1.

ODB is here to help you during this trying time, when you’re deciding if you’re going to wear green or green. Should you feel yourself being pulled in a direction of wearing something other than green, please feel free to consult this guide again or ask for help on Twitter, where we will definitely tell you once again that you should wear green.