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Baylor vs. TCU Cut Down to 14 Minutes

Every single play of the Baylor vs. TCU game that wasn't a 3 and out, a fair catch or a touch back.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

"I just need 14 minutes of your time"

The above phrase should be your new response every time someone argues that TCU should be ranked ahead of Baylor. Never mind the fact that TCU struggled against Kansas, or that Baylor blew out Oklahoma on the road while TCU inched out a victory at home against the Sooners, just point to this video clip and repeat the simple phrase "I just need 14 minutes of your time."

I have cut down almost every single play in the game to fit it into this short time frame. That's short enough for you to catch it on your break at work, when you are about to crash for the night or even before you have to submit your next ballot (if you are in the playoff selection committee in particular). I'm serious, this is only 3 minutes longer than Too Many Cooks and you probably watched that whole thing (which might explain why you still think TCU is better than Baylor).

The most interesting part of watching this at such a fast pace is that it's honestly hard to believe that TCU really was in control of the game for its entirety - because, well, the Horned Frogs really were not. Despite outperforming TCU in every statistical category but special teams play and turnover margin, the narrative has become that TCU outplayed Baylor and squandered the game away.

Well, for those types that probably should actually watch the game before commenting on it - here is a cut of the game for you that leaves absolutely no excuse or doubt ...

Baylor beat TCU.