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Baylor Bears vs. TCU Horned Frogs 2014

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All-22 Coaches Film of the TCU Offense vs. Baylor Defense

I've asked if he has the other side.

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TCU-Baylor, scored as a boxing match

Baylor and TCU went 12 full rounds, and each scored late knockdowns before the Bears prevailed in the final second. What does this mean for the Big 12 and the direction of college football?

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Gary Patterson blames fatigue, the refs for TCU's loss to Baylor

"Here's the problem I have with everybody, with the Baylor game," Patterson said. "We were up 21 (points). It wasn't like we came back and got beat by three. We ran out of gas on defense and it sti...
From USAToday. He also said that...

Baylor vs. TCU Cut Down to 14 Minutes

Every single play of the Baylor vs. TCU game that wasn't a 3 and out, a fair catch or a touch back.

Trench Warfare: TCU


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Baylor passing highlights vs. TCU set to "Bombs over Baghdad"

Well-played, Fank.

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Do the Evolution: TCU, Baylor and all the Touchdowns in Texas

But this is what Baylor does: They score points, unrelentingly, and more prolifically than any other team in America, well over 50 a game. They run the ball effectively, and then they throw play-ac...
Rolling Stone kinda likes Baylor...
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Baylor-TCU Cinematic Highlights

The good people at Baylor SESP have outdone themselves on this fabulous highlight recap of Saturday night's game. Relive the drama, relish the victory, get chills all over again. VIDEO: Cinematic Highlights vs. TCU 2014. — BaylorSESP (@BaylorSESP) October 14, 2014

Baylor vs. TCU Full Video

Get a lot of requests for these every week, and thankfully, our boy Baylor18700 from Youtube came through once again.

Podcast: Chris Callahan is a Darn Good Kicker

A wild fracas in Waco, and Baylor emerges victorious from the fray. We're talking all about it on the latest OurDailyPodcast!

Baylor Triumphs over #9 TCU ... in GIFs!

The most epic GIF post in the history of GIF posts, for the most epic game in the history of games.

The Tailgate Report Returns

After a bit of a hiatus, the Tailgate Report returns

Briles: alleged Patterson "threat" a closed matter

Baylor has apparently investigated the alleged threat by Orion Stewart to TCU Head Coach Gary Patterson and determined that nothing of substance occurred.

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In Defense of Baylor Rushing the Field
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Watch KD Cannon wreck TCU's Sam Carter

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Flaming Bear Boat Gif Post-TCU

Baylor vs. TCU -- The Morning After

Baylor pulled off a comeback for the ages last night against TCU last night, and now it's time to take stock.

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Baylor DC Phil Bennett dances after comeback vs. TCU

Baylor-TCU Highlights


Tweets of the Night: Baylor's Comeback Over TCU

Haven't done this one in a while.

Patterson claims Baylor player "threatened" him

Here we go again.

Miracle on the Brazos 2.0-- Baylor 61, TCU 58

Down 58-37 in the fourth quarter, Baylor pulled off a comeback for the ages in the first top-10 matchup in McLane Stadium history.

Halftime: Baylor 27, TCU 31

After going down 14-0 to start the game, the Bears roared back to tie it up going into the half at 24 before giving up a kick return TD. If your blood pressure is out of control, you're not alone.

The Revivalry -- Baylor vs. TCU Game Thread

If you're not in Waco supporting the Bears against TCU today, join us in the Game Thread here on ODB!

Baylor vs. TCU -- GAME DAY

We are just over four hours from the first of many top ten matchups in the history of Baylor's McLane Stadium.

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Baylor DE Shawn Oakman with Scott Van Pelt on ESPN College GameDay

Here you go.

Baylor vs. TCU Preview/Prediction Thread

The Bears return home and square off against the TCU Horned Frogs in a Top Ten matchup. Will Baylor emerge victorious and continue their defense of their Big 12 Championship?

Baylor vs. TCU- Predict the Score- Pregame Results

Bear fans see a comfortable (but likely nerve-inducing) Baylor win. Frog fans think TCU will walk into McLane and steal one.

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Weather Forecast for Baylor vs. TCU

Looks like the early tailgaters will get a little wet, but things should clear up considerably by the afternoon and the game itself won't be threatened.

Official Baylor vs. TCU Hype Video

Hope you're ready to get superturnt. Tomorrow can't come soon enough.

TCU vs. Baylor OR Podcast vs. The Internets

We tried to record a live broadcast and what resulted was... This. We hope you find some enjoyment in it.

Pro Ecclesia, Pro Texana: The Baylor-TCU Rivalry

On the longest running college football rivalry in Texas...