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Gary Patterson calls out Briles, Dixon post-game for "class"

Gary Patterson, always a stickler for procedure and proper action, apparently did not much like the way Briles responded to Dixon's targeting penalty in tonight's game.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Just a bit of background -- Ahmad Dixon was thrown out of tonight's game for targeting due to a hit in the third quarter on Trevone Boykin, who was playing wide receiver.  It was targeting.  It was a very stupid play.  Baylor led 34-17 at the time and that hit, which occurred on a third down pass that fell incomplete, extended a scoring drive for TCU.  Dixon was subsequently seen laughing on the sidelines after his ejection, which cost our team tremendously.  All of that is indisputable.

After the hit/penalty, however, Patterson apparently took offense to Briles allegedly approaching him across the field rather than talking directly to Dixon.  I didn't see that on the telecast, and I don't know if it happened.  We'll assume it did.  The video...

Here's how Patterson talked about it after the game from @FollowtheFrogs' twitter account:

This is obviously talking about Dixon. That's fine, I guess. Not what I would say as a coach, but whatever.

This is the start of something different.

Now we have a problem, Gary.  Now you're talking about another coach, a professional with whom you have to work, and questioning his "class," always a dodgy proposition to start with.

It'll be interesting to see how Baylor responds, if they do.