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ROLL CALL! Plus Uniforms, Weather Update, Notes

Jeff Barlow tweeted out the uniform: White Helmets, Grey Shirt, White pants.

As is the custom for most home games, Jeff Barlow dropped the uniform decision on Twitter this morning. It’s a brand-new combination, something we haven’t yet seen before:

Of course, if you don’t like us not wearing school colors, then you’re really going to hate these uniforms as it features both white AND grey. Grab your pitchforks! Burn things down! Of course, white is a school color as Fank so eloquently reminded us. The helmets also sport the grey camouflage BU, which is sure to be a popular choice with the traditionalists.

What do you think of these uniforms? Tell us in the comments.

Weather Update

If you’ve been watching the weather for Saturday at all this week, you know that we’ve had a bit of a roller-coaster on our hands in terms of will it or won’t it rain during the game. At present, Wunderground puts the chance of rain at sub-20% for game time, with a 45-50% chance of rain in the hours before the game with about .1" of rain falling. That’s good news, so of course that means that it will likely monsoon the entire game and ruin the White Out.

Roll Call Time!

Who’s going to the game? What are your plans? Tomorrow is Game Day, let’s get excited!