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seriously what did a color ever do to you anyway

Tom Pennington/Getty Images

As part of a season long marketing shindig that Baylor athletics is doing by color coordinating the stands for home games at McLane Stadium, this week Baylor is going to white out the stands against SMU. This for some reason has already made some people really mad! Our school colors are green and gold and my goodness if we have something around here to get really mad about right now, it's our choice to promote a lighter shade of laundry.

WELL ACTUALLY I'm here to tell you that white is also a school color! It even says so right here! Heck we even have the gall to call it Baylor White as if our white is somehow different than any other white. But sure it says Baylor on it so let's own it. There's even a Baylor Black and a (gasp) Baylor Brown! I mean we really should do a brown out of a game at some point as the ultimate show of respect to Joy and Lady. It's only fair.

Another matter here is that Baylor wears white on athletic fields all the time! Look at all the good things that have happened when Baylor teams have worn white!

In all seriousness if you are going to the game tomorrow, find it in your heart to wear a white shirt. It's just for this one game and we've proven in the past that if everyone participates in this whole color coordination thing, it looks pretty freaking cool. It's a home football weekend in Waco, Texas. Let's have us some fun!