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Baylor Bears vs. SMU Mustangs 2014

ODB Rewind: SMU

The Bears kickoff the 2014 season in dominant fashion against Southern Methodist.

Week 1 - #10 Baylor vs. SMU

High-def video of Baylor vs SMU is finally available!

Baylor Football Intro Video 2014 vs. SMU

From one of our followers on Twitter. Sorry if it's a bit shaky.

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Baylor opens in McLane

Baylor, SMU will look to put up offensive numbers; the question is if the Bears' defense can protect their new house.

June Jones breaking down the run & shoot offense

Watch 2008 June Jones talk offense with 2008 Bob Davie. In 2008.

Baylor vs. SMU Preview Video

You can tell football is getting close when our players start previewing opponents on camera...

Baylor Coaches Pushing Impromptu GoldOut?

Less than a week before the game, has the Baylor coaching staff decided to urge fans to wear gold to Sunday's game against SMU?

Baylor Releases 2014 Depth Chart for SMU

With 6 days between us and the start of the 2014 Football Season, we finally have a depth chart.

Baylor vs. SMU - Predict the Score

Who thinks they're a soothsayer? Time to predict the score for the first game of the season.

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Student Tickets Go Faster Than A Duck On A Junebug

Baylor students pull over 8,000 tickets in the first hour.

Featured Fanshot

SMU names starting QB for Baylor game

Now off to Bill C's SMU preview to find out who this guy is!