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Baylor Injury Report: Jay Lee, Johnny Jefferson, and Devin Chafin ready for SMU

Through the fine folks over at ESPN1660 in Waco, Baylor fans received quite a bit of good injury news for Sunday's opener against SMU.

Ronald Martinez

Coach Briles met with the ESPN1660 crew today before practice to talk about the team's preparation, in the process giving Baylor fans our first bit of good injury news in a quite a while.  Hit the link above to hear it from Briles' own mouth, or you can read below.

As of this point, this seems to be Baylor's injury situation for SMU:

  • WR Corey Coleman -- PROBABLY OUT -- Briles describes him alternatively as "doubtful" and a "game-time decision."  I'm going to guess he doesn't play.
  • WR Clay Fuller -- DEFINITELY OUT -- We knew this already.  Fuller is going to be out a couple of weeks, at least, with his broken clavicle.  Craig reports that Fuller had his sling taken off yesterday.
  • WR Jay Lee -- READY -- Briles didn't say this because he wasn't asked, but Craig did when I asked him directly.
  • RB Devin Chafin -- READY -- Back and practicing with the team now, rarin' to go.
  • RB Johnny Jefferson -- READY -- Same as Chafin.  Briles says all three feature backs (Chafin, Jefferson, and Rashodrick Linwood) are healthy and will play.
  • OT Pat Colbert -- READY -- Missed a bit of time earlier in camp but has returned.

Other notes from Craig Smoak, who was at practice today:

  • Briles said the team has no concern about Spencer Drango from his back injury last season, so you shouldn't, either.
  • They may work true freshman K.D. Cannon and sophomore Lynx Hawthorne into the mix at KR.  Given the depth chart at this point, Hawthorne sounds like an ideal guy to use in that role.  Hilariously, Briles said about the kick returner spot that they don't plan to do much there, anyway, meaning that they don't plan to receive many kicks in the first place.
  • Ishmael Wilson is not considered a rotation player at this point.  He's still learning the system, what Baylor does, and how they do it.

Obviously, getting all of the RBs back is a plus going into the first game of the year, when you'd think Baylor will work hard to establish the run and get the offense going.  The bigger news of the day, though, is that Jay Lee is back.  With him back at outside receiver, Baylor has 3 of its 4 nominal starters.  It seems likely that either Cannon or Hawthorne will step into the fourth spot in the absence of Fuller and Coleman.