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Baylor Coaches Pushing Impromptu GoldOut?

Less than a week before the game, has the Baylor coaching staff decided to urge fans to wear gold to Sunday's game against SMU?

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Several times over the last year or so, people have wondered if Baylor would try to organize an official color scheme for the game or to convince fans to wear something specific, a la the BlackOUt game last year against Oklahoma.  Nothing ever really happened, much to the chagrin of many fans who wanted to see something even more special done for the opener at McLane, but whatever.  Then this tweet came across the wire yesterday and people started speculating again:

It was followed shortly by this tweet from Coach Clements, which was then retweeted by Lebby, Briles the Younger, and a host of others:

The second one there is lot more explicit in what it's looking for in the first.  The most plausible reading of Briles' tweet is that he was thanking the students, who typically wear gold, for pulling their full allotment of tickets.  That's what "Sold out gold out" probably means.  Clements tweet goes a step further, asking fans to wear gold if they have it this Sunday.

It's pretty clear at this point that Baylor either chose not to or never considered organizing an official "gold out" for this game, so if you don't want to, I don't think you should feel bad for disobeying some dictate from the AD on high.  But if you want to please the coaches, you might want to wear gold.  We've talked before about how much better a homogenous crowd (in terms of attire) looks on TV and elsewhere, so the more we can get on the same page, the better.  I'm wearing gold, if I can find a good gold polo, and I suggest you guys and gals do the same.

Get there early. Wear gold.  Be loud.  Have fun.