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Baylor vs. SMU - Predict the Score

Who thinks they're a soothsayer? Time to predict the score for the first game of the season.


I've run a contest on another site where I've collected score predictions each week.  Mark has graciously accepted my offer to move it over to ODB this season to hopefully get a broader group involved.

The idea is really simple - each week, you'll be asked to input in a Google form:

  • your username (which should be the same each week, if you want to be tracked in the season standings);
  • whether you're a Baylor fan, a neutral friend of ODB, or a fan of our rival who is stopping by the site either for trolling or general merriment;
  • how many points you think the Bears will score in the applicable game; and
  • how many points you think our opponent will score.
We'll leave the polling open until Thursday evening each game week.  Friday mornings, we'll post a summary of everyone's responses, which will give you some insight as to the wisdom of the crowd (both Baylor homers and otherwise) as to how that week's game will turn out.

Each Friday post will also have a look at what ODB's pickers think about the Vegas line and over/under, who the biggest homers and who the biggest Johnny negatives are.

On Monday mornings, we'll recap who did the best and the worst, and take a look at cumulative results for the season.

Let us know how you think things will shake out between Baylor and SMU this week.  Will Petty, Goodley, Shock and friends pick up where they left off in 2013 with a Pointsplosion?  Will Oakman, Hager and company continue the momentum the improving Baylor defense had last season?  Or will June Jones's Mustangs, led by Texas A&M transfer Matt Davis and a host of young players, surprise the Bears and ruin the McLane Stadium opener?

We'll keep an eye on the comments if anyone has questions.  Sic'em Bears.